Many Spanish wines, just like other high-quality Spanish products, bear the DO or DOP seal (Protected Designation of Origin). This identifies a product originating from a specific place and whose production stages take place entirely within the geographical area  The Designation of Origin is the system for recognizing products with differentiated quality in Spain. Bodega Biniagual and its wines are also certified by a DO, specifically the DO Binissalem, the first DO in Mallorca.



Because of the protected designation of origin DO, the quality of our wine is guaranteed. For this purpose, there are for example regular checks of our wine fields and of the pressing process in our bodega. But also it ensures, that the wine was produced with autochthonous grape verities, which originate form the DO region, and does not contain grapes bought form elsewhere.

The allowed grape varieties within the wine-growing district of the DO Binissalem are:

  • Red wine varieties: Manto Negro, Callet Tempranillo, Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and Gorgollassa
  • White wine varieties: Moll or Prensal Blanc, Parellada, Macabeo, Muscat d’Alexandrie, yellow Muskateller, Chardonnay and Giró Ros

In Binigual we even go the extra mile by only pressing our wine from grapes, which we cultivate on our own estate. We especially rely on autochtonous grape varieties that are only native to the island of Mallorca, like Mato Negro and Prensal Blanc. That is how all of our wines distinguish themselves through a distinctive mallorcan character.

The Binissalem DO also stipulates the percentages of certain grape varieties that red, rosé and white wines must comply with. Red wines must be made with at least 30 percent of the Manto Negro variety and a maximum of 30 percent of Gorgollassa. At Biniagual, the percentage of Manto Negro is more than 50% in most of the wines; moreover, the wines Finca Biniagual Mantonegro and Memòries de Biniagual Rosat are monovarietal, that is to say, they are 100% Manto Negro, because at Biniagual we attach great importance to the authenticity of Mallorcan wines.

White wines must have a minimum of 50% Moll or Muscatel varieties and rosé wines must have a maximum of 30% Gorgollassa grape. DO Binissalem wines are characterised by their fruity aromas, Mediterranean in character, with the expression of the varietal nuances and aromas of native grapes and the terroir, which make them singular and unique.



The designation of origin is important, because the quality and properties of our wines are determined both by geographical conditions and by human influences during the production progress. The certificate enables us to produce unique wines and to guarantee high quality standards.

The protected designation of origin DO Binissalem was recognized in 1990, but the first protection entry dates back to 1973. Since then, DO Binissalem has been using local grape varieties, thereby enabling the production of unique Mallorcan wines with the highest quality standards. The DO Binissalem is comparatively small in terms of area and production, but excellent in the production of unparalleled and exceptional character.