The goal of our winery on Mallorca is to produce wine, which meets the highest standards. True to our motto “Good wine is made on the fields, not in the winery”, we carry out each process step by hand. That way we ensure that our grapes have the best quality. The heart of the winery in Biniagual is the Bodega, the wine cellar. Here we press fine wines out of the grapes, which we cultivate on 34 hectares acreage surrounding the hamlet and the winery.

Key to our work are the highest quality and respect for nature. Our winery on Mallorca follows the strict rules of an integrated agriculture that is entirely focused towards sustainability. It is important to us to press a typical mallorcan wine full of character. That’s why we only use native vine varieties like the indigenous Mato Negro (red) and Prensal Blanc (white). Then we blend it with Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Chardonnay and Muscat to four different red wines, one white and one rosé wine.


We are convinced, that good wine is made on the fields. For that reason, we take care of our vines all year round. We invest a lot of time and manual work into our winery on Mallorca, since the quality of the grapes is our top priority. What does that look like exactly? Every step of the process, starting by the winter pruning in January to the harvest in September, is carefully done by hand to achieve the best grape quality. That’s how we on average touch each of our approximately 148,000 vines at least seven times a year.

The art of making a good wine is to respect the characteristics of the different grape varieties both in the wine field and in the winery. This also includes diligence in rearing, harvesting and processing the individual grapes. To make sure the grapes get into the steal tanks intact and undamaged we harvest with care and by hand. The grapes are harvested into small boxes, which are transported directly to the bodega laying between the wine fields and are cooled there to around 4ºC overnight.

It is important that the grapes get into the steel tanks undamaged to prevent the oxidation process from starting early, since this could affect the quality of the wine. To only process healthy, ripe and undamaged grapes they get selected by hand again in the winery. After a thorough debarking by a machine, our cellar master fills the grapes directly into the stainless-steel tanks for fermentation without pressing. As a result, the grape juice is hardly exposed to light and air, which is very important for the quality of the wine. Furthermore, the steel tanks enable an exact temperature control.

All red wines of our winery are aged between 12 and 18 months in barrels made mainly of French oak. We ferment the must, which was specially selected for our Gran Verán and the varietal Manto Negro, directly in oak barrels or rather tanks made of French oak. After we have bottled the wine, it takes about twelve months of bottle-aging. Only then we release the wine for consumption.

The Bodega Biniagual contains about 34 hectares of wine-growing area with more then 148.000 vines. Our fields and the winery are located in a traditional wine region of Mallorca, which soils are ideal for cultivating vines. The residents of the village already cultivated vines here in the 13th century. Following this tradition, we cultivate native grape varieties, especially the Manto Negro. It is the basis for all of our red wines and is the only grape variety we use for our rosé wine. Another autochthonous vine variety of Mallorca is the Prensal, which we use for the white wine “Memòries de Biniagual Blanc”. We also grow Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Chardonnay, Viognier and Muscat d’Alexandrie at our winery.

Our secret recipe: We use loving handwork and look over every single grape several times a year. From May till September we walk through all the wine fields at least three times a week to examine the condition of the vines. That is about 10 kilometer per day. Instead of chemical products, we use natural methods to look after the wine fields and prevent diseases. The sheep that we keep at the Finca Biniagual produce the fertilizer and eat the weeds. Rose bushes at the end of the vine rows serve as an early warning system for diseases.


The wine year of our winery on Mallorca begins with the winter pruning, followed by the fixation of the vines and the green pruning. This serves to support growth, bring them up and strengthen them. Between July and August unripe grapes are harvested and we select the best grapes, which we leave to ripen on the vine. All other grapes are cut off. This way, the development of only the best grapes benefit from the energy of the vine. The harvest takes place from mid-August till the end of September: by hand and very selective. That is how we ensure, that only the best grapes make it into the Bodega and finally into our wines. According to a winegrower’s rule, the quality of the wine increases if the production is reduced to 1.5 to 2 kilos of grapes per vine. In the Biniagual Bodega we even go further: we only let one kilo of grapes ripen per vine. We focus on the highest quality, not quantity.

Between mid-August and the end of September, the wine-growing year culminates in the grape harvest. At Finca Biniagual, the grapes are harvested by hand and very selectively. In this way, we can guarantee that only the best grapes make it to the winery and finally to our wines.